A Must Have Product for NC Soccer Moms

A Must Have Product for NC Soccer Moms

Soccer moms can stop the stink of kids' athletic gear after the gameTired of cheering for your kids during the game but holding your nose during the drive home? The trip doesn’t have to be so fragrant due to a patent-pending technology for athletic bags, shirts, shin guard pads, and more.

The odor you smell from gear after the game is mostly caused by bacteria in the sweat. Silver prevents the growth of this odor causing bacteria, and has been used medically for its antimicrobial properties for a long time.

The Odor Bashing Process

Silver Edge Gear has a process of permanently coating real silver right into the nylon fibers of shirts, gym bags, shin guard pads, and arm bands to both whisk away sweat and prevent it from smelling.

Unlike other silver-lined products that only coat the fabric topically, the silver in this gear will never wash or rub off. You can machine wash it (cold) and use it for years. Our process coats the fabric’s fibers completely instead of only coating the surface, which means greater bacteria-bashing potential.

This is big news for soccer moms, as it provides a long lasting solution to a common problem for sporty kids. Silver Edge Gear products are completely safe, and have been independently tested to show no reduction in odor-causing bacteria bashing power after repeated washing and use.

Do your kids forget to empty their bags when they get home and leave the clothes in there for awhile? While it’s still good not to leave them too long to avoid mildew, you can rest assured that after the bag has sat for several hours it’s not going to reek as you open it up.

Silver Edge Gear In The News

Silver Edge Gear has been featured in Forsyth Magazine, Triad Living, and The Irish Times.