About Silver Edge Gear

Silver Edge Gear creates products that stop the stink of wet, sweaty gear. This is a truly innovative, never been done before line of products.

kill the stink of workout gear - Silver Edge Gear

You unzip your gym bag or pop open the trunk and it hits you like a giant rotten brick. It’s the stink of sports gear from an active, athletic life.

We’ve been there.

We started Silver Edge Gear after the stench of hauling around our kids’ sweaty soccer gear began to make the daily carpool a source of torture. Other than hanging our heads out of the car windows, there had to be a better way to deal with the smell.

Now there is. Silver Edge Gear.

Silver Edge Gear sweat wicking products

The secret to all Silver Edge Gear products is in the silver lining. Most odors are caused by bacteria. Silver prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria like nothing else can. And Silver Edge Gear uses more of it than other silver based products. The difference is our patent pending Advanced PE47 Technology that prevents the growth of the odor-causing bacteria for the life of the product. It won’t wash or wear off. The stench doesn’t stand a chance!

Our product line started out with a waterproof bag, moisture wicking shin guard pads and shoe inserts, a t-shirt and arm sleeve where the conductivity of the silver helps with muscle fatigue as well as odor control, and a skull cap for under those sweaty helmets. We have added moisture wicking pads for Football/Lax pads as well as a moisture wicking pad for your dog’s collar.

And there are more products to come, so stay tuned! Not only are our products great for sports, but they are terrific for travel too. Pop all your stinky gear in a Silver Edge Gear waterproof bag and keep your clean clothes clean and fresh! We have been told that our bags are great for keeping diaper bags clean and stink free, to store wet, stinky clothes and diapers away from baby’s clean gear!

All Silver Edge Gear products are proudly invented, created and made in the U.S.A. We hope you enjoy them and discover the freedom of breathing easy once again!