Adults In A Kid’s Sport Need To Know About Soccer Mom Gear

Adults In A Kid’s Sport Need To Know About Soccer Mom Gear

Whether you are a parent, a grandparent, an aunt or uncle, or just an involved family friend, if you have assumed responsibility for a child who plays sports, you have to get familiar with typical soccer mom gear and the role it plays in your life. Soccer mom gear is a term that describes a range of items needed for people to participate in sports. And, in spite of the misnomer “soccer mom gear,” its assortment of equipment and supplies is not just for one sport or restricted to one type of adult – its usefulness spans almost all athletics and can be used and enjoyed by any number of people!

In order to provide for your child’s safety, and support his or her ability to perform well, while protecting your vehicle, gym bag and, most importantly, your nose from the inevitable stink, think of Silver Edge products. Our sports items provide the same comfort and support that any number of other manufacturers do, but with the added benefit of controlling the eye-watering stench that comes with dirty, sweaty paraphernalia. Just how does this work?

What Is The Silver Edge Advantage?

First, it’s important to understand that foul smells are generated by odor-causing bacteria that grow in the dark, airless, damp environment of athletic shoes, goalie gloves, helmet liners, undershirts, shin guard liners and gym bags. If you get rid of the bacteria, you get rid of the smell. This is where silver comes into the picture.

You see, silver has been proven to be the very best odor-causing bacteria preventative there is. So, we use our patented PE-47 technology to thoroughly saturate the very fibers of material used in our sports products with silver. Not only does this stop bacteria in its tracks, it is so permanently infused in the fabric that it will never wear off or wash out.

There are other silver-based products out there, but they use Nano technology which involves much less silver in the manufacturing process. These products will offer some limited odor prevention at first, but, because their solution is applied topically, the low concentration of silver will eventually wash out or wear off. This never happens with our products. Also, some manufacturers use carbon-based processes, but carbon has limitations on how much odor it can absorb and it doesn’t kill bacteria at all. So, don’t be fooled by claims of other companies!

Silver Edge Soccer Mom Gear

Silver Edge apparel includes arm sleeves, skull caps and T-shirts. Equipment supplements consist of inserts for goalie gloves, athletic shoes, shin guards and helmets. And, our silver-lined bags come in two sizes to hold other athletic items and keep them from contaminating larger gym bags or car trunks with unpleasant odor.

Whether your child’s sport is football, hockey, golf or any other sport, let Silver Edge come to your rescue with our top-of-the-line odor-preventive products. You and your nose will be so thankful!