Antimicrobial Bags – Don’t Let Smelly Clothes Spoil Your Summer Vacation!

Antimicrobial Bags – Don’t Let Smelly Clothes Spoil Your Summer Vacation!

When your vacation is over and you’re packing up, what do you do with your smelly clothes, your bathing suits and your beach towels? If you’re like most people, you’ve over-packed for vacation and now your clean clothes may have to share space with dirty clothes in your luggage. Because really, who wants to do laundry on vacation? Silver Edge Gear offers a better solution, with our antimicrobial bags for travel.

What Are Antimicrobial Bags?
Antimicrobial bags are an innovation in travel, preventing the growth of odor-causing bacteria in dirty clothes and keeping your smelly laundry separate from your clean clothes when you travel. Even if you have clothes that are soaked with sweat, soiled from young children, or just dirty from everyday wear, our bags keep them separate from your clean clothes and block the nasty odors from reaching the rest of your luggage.

How Do Antimicrobial Bags Work?
In the past, bags used a lining of carbon to absorb odors. But there’s only so much stink carbon can absorb. After that, the bag becomes ineffective and nasty smells can leach out into your clean clothes and your suitcase. Even in a brand-new, carbon-lined bag, bacteria still grows, so your clothes come out of the bag even nastier than before.

The latest bags on the market, including Silver Edge Gear, use silver to actually prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. This was a huge breakthrough in the industry.

Silver-based Bags That Won’t Wear Out
It was pretty exciting when the industry discovered that silver fibers can actually inhibit the growth of bacteria to prevent odors! Silver Edge Gear then improved the concept, using our patent pending Advanced PE47 technology to coat 100% of the bag’s nylon fibers in pure silver. Our bags use the highest concentrations of silver available. We permanently coat 100% of the nylon fibers with pure silver, for more bacteria-fighting protection and no stinky clothes.

Unlike other silver-based bags, the silver won’t wash out or wear off, so our travel bags work to block odors and prevent the growth of bacteria for the life of the product. This makes them environmentally friendly and easy on your wallet – you won’t have to replace your bags over time.

Caring for Antimicrobial Bags
While our bags won’t get smelly, they might get soiled or stained. If that happens, simply machine wash them in cold water, inside out if possible, and allow them to air dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. The silver properties will never wash out or wear off, so your bag will come out of the laundry as good as new and ready for use!

Many Uses for Antimicrobial Bags

Many of our customers use our bags to hold dirty, smelly sports equipment. You can extend the life of your pricey gym or sports bag by keeping smelly clothes separate.

Increasingly, though, families also use our bags for:

– trips to the beach, to keep smelly bathing suits and towels separate from other items
– soiled baby clothes, to keep them separate from other items in a diaper bag
– family vacations, to pack dirty laundry separate from the rest and keep your suitcase and other clothes clean

With so many uses, it’s easy to see how antimicrobial bags are a smart investment for the summer.