Our Patent-Pending Technology

Smarter than Stink

The secret to all Silver Edge Gear products is in our patent-pending silver lining. Most odors are caused by bacteria. Silver prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria like nothing else can. And Silver Edge Gear uses more of it than other silver based products. The difference is our patent pending Advanced PE47 Technology. This revolutionary process permanently coats 100% of the Nylon fibers in pure silver. The result is a fabric that prevents the growth of the odor-causing bacteria for the life of the product. It won’t wash or wear off. The stench doesn’t stand a chance!

Silver Edge Gear vs. Other Silver Anti-Odor Products

Silver Edge Gear has a big advantage over other silver related products on the market in two ways.

  1. Other products use Nano technology. This is a silver solution with low concentrations of silver. While you get some odor fighting properties, you don’t get the full odor annihilating impact of Silver Edge Gear. Quite simply, our technology gets more silver into the fabric. More silver equals more stench bashing, bacteria hating power.
  2. The silver solution that other companies use is topically applied to the item using a binder. The silver on their products will eventually wear off or wash out, leaving your gear right back where it started—stinky. With Silver Edge Gear, the odor killing never wears off or washes out.  Ever.

Silver Edge Gear vs. Carbon

This isn’t even close. Carbon based products are limited in how much odor they can absorb. More importantly, carbon is powerless against odor-causing bacteria.

Independent Third Party Testing

We have conducted a number of tests to determine the efficacy of our fabrics. The anti-bacterial properties were evaluated using an AATCC Test Method 100-2004 Assessment of Antibacterial Finishes on Textile Materials. This testing of the silver coated fabric showed that it prevented the growth of odor-causing bacteria and after 25 washes the odor bashing performance was unchanged, meaning it did not lose any odor bashing power.

-Conducted by The Manufacturing Solutions Center which is listed with the CPSC as an accredited third party testing laboratory.

MRSA Resistance Test

MRSA Results Third Party Study | Odor-Causing Bacteria

STAPH Resistance Test

STAPH Test Results | Odor-Causing Bacteria

Odor-Proof Bags

The Silver Edge Gear Bag features our proprietary silver lined fabric, laminated with a durable film for a strong, waterproof bag which is perfect for cleats, shin guards, gloves, hats, running shoes, sweat bands and any other stinky, sweaty sports gear. The bag not only contains the odor, but keeps moisture-laden gear neatly tucked away. The key is that a Silver Edge Gear bag will contain the odor of the stinky gear so you can breath easy. Once you take out your stinky gear from the Silver Edge Gear bag, the bag will be stink free.

Layered Protection From Odor-Causing Bacteria

For moisture wicking and maximum odor control, Silver Edge Gear Shin Guard Pads are made with a three part protection layering system. A peelable sticky back layer, a foam middle layer, and the silver coated lining layer. The foam middle absorbs sweat making the shin guard more comfortable and reduces slippage by allowing the shin guard to contour around the shin. The sticky back allows for the shin guard pad to be applied to every type of shin guard — new or used. And the silver lining kills the odor-causing bacteria.

No More Stinky Shoes

Our shoe inserts have our permanently coated silver fabric laminated to a foam backing that is wrapped around a pliable shoe form. This 3D design means that the silver will have contact with the bacteria all over the inside of the shoe (not just the insole), the foam backing will wick moisture away from the shoe and the shoe form will keep the shape of the shoe and allows it to move to larger shoe sizes, if your foot is still growing.

Reduces Muscle Fatigue

For the Silver Edge Gear T-Shirt and Arm Sleeves, the silver lining not only bashes the odor-causing bacteria, but it is also thermally conductive which helps with muscle fatigue.

Moisture Wicking

The Silver Edge Gear Skull Cap transports moisture away from your head to keep you cool under your helmet or cap, as well as bashing odor-causing bacteria.

We are proud to say that Silver Edge Gear and our proprietary Advanced PE47 Technology were invented right here in the U.S.A. And all Silver Edge Gear products are made here, too.