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NSZ Arm Sleeve


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Product Description

  • Lined with silver for stench bashing performance, since silver prevents the growth of bacteria and bacteria are what cause the odor. Ugh!
  • Stops the stink for the life of the Arm Sleeve. The silver won’t wash or wear off. Ever!
  • Due to our revolutionary patent pending Advanced PE47 technology
  • Check out our Independent Test Results that prove the efficacy of the fabric in the About Silver Edge Gear section of silveredgegear.com
  • Moisture wicking to keep you dry
  • Rapid evaporation keeps you cool
  • Conductive silver lining helps with muscle fatigue, boosting arm muscle performance so your endurance is better
  • Photo shows the silver inner fabric and the black outer fabric.
  • We are very proud that our products are made in the USA. It adds to the expense, but keeps jobs at home
  • If you would like to donate $1.00 to The Children’s Miracle Network, we’ll send you a Stinky Pin. See Stinky Pin under Donate.

One size fits most.




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