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NSZ Crate Liner Pad


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Product Description

If you have ever had a stinky dog bed, look no further! Instead of a dog bed, you can line your dog crate with a Silver Edge Gear crate liner pad and you will never have to wash the pad for odor again and it won’t stink again!….You can customize the Silver Edge Gear crate liner pad to fit your own dog crate

Lined with silver for stench bashing performance, since silver prevents the growth of bacteria and bacteria are what cause the odor. Ugh!

  • Stops the stink of the pad for the life of the pad
  • It won’t wash or wear off. Ever!
  • Due to our revolutionary patent pending Advanced PE47 technology
  • Check out our Independent Test Results that prove the efficacy of the fabric in the About Silver Edge Gear section of silveredgegear.com
  • Foam layer makes the pads
  • o more comfortable
  • o have brilliant moisture wicking properties
  • We are very proud that our products are made in the USA. It adds to the expense, but keeps jobs at home.
  • If you would like to donate $1.00 to The Children’s Miracle Network, we’ll send you a Stinky Pin. See Stinky Pin under Donate.

Pad Size: 39″ (L) X 26″ (W)




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