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NSZ Sport Bag


This is a waterproof, stink proof, practically indestructible bag that has been engineered to contain the stink of wet clothes and gear! Our bags are lined with silver for stench bashing performance, since silver prevents the growth of bacteria and bacteria are what cause the odor. Ugh!

SEG Bags Contain the stink of smelly gear for the life of the bag. The silver won’t wash or wear off. Ever! Due to our revolutionary patent pending Advanced PE47 technology.

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Product Description

VIDEO: What is a Silver Edge Gear Bag?


  • Waterproof
  • Designed to fit inside a sports bag, or team required bag, to keep your stinky, wet gear away from your clean, dry gear and keep your sports bag dry and stink free.
  • Silver Edge Gear bag will contain the odor of the stinky gear so you can breath easy.
  • Once you take out your stinky gear from the Silver Edge Gear bag, the bag will be stink free
  • Available in Jet Black

Note: There is natural variation in the fabric appearance due to the production process

*Check out our Independent Test Results that prove the efficacy of the fabric here.

We are very proud that our products are made in the USA. It adds to the expense, but keeps jobs at home.
If you would like to donate $1.00 to The Children’s Miracle Network, we’ll send you a Stinky Pin. See Stinky Pin under Donate.

Size 13.5”(W)x17.5”(L).

Will fit a size 14 Men’s basketball shoe and fit in a standard cinch bag or carry on suitcase



Additional Information


Black, Bright Green, True Red

8 reviews for NSZ Sport Bag

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    This is a comment from one of our valued customers:
    “Item arrived promptly – 1 day earlier than expected! – and was as advertised. Order products with confidence.”

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    This is a comment from one of our valued customers:

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    “My husband uses this for his dirty gym clothes, and it really works well to eliminate the stink. Would definitely recommend this item!”

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    “I was so surprised at my boys’ (age 10 and 12) interest in the gear. They actually use it and are very happy. So the boys are interested in keeping theirs cleats clean and no odor. I am totally impressed. Did not think they would work, but just try it!”

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    “I love this product because it works. The Silver Edge Gear bag can be used in various ways. I put stinky clothes and shoes in the bag after my kids sports practices. You really can’t smell the stink. I also use the bag to prevent mildew from growing on wet items from the pool/beach. Thanks for inventing this wonderful product.”

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    “The Silver Edge bags are wonderful for anyone that works out and has to change clothes. The clothes are in the bag and not smelling up the car…a good idea for volleyball tournaments, triathlons…or any sport. It is a great product, it really works.”

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    “It looks like a bag but there’s magic inside.”

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