The secret to all Silver Edge Gear products is in the silver lining. Most odors are caused by bacteria, and silver kills odor-causing bacteria like nothing else can. And Silver Edge Gear uses more of it than other silver-based products. The difference is our patent pending Advanced PE47 Technology. This revolutionary process permanently encapsulates 100% of the Nylon fibers in pure silver. The result is a fabric that kills the odor-causing bacteria and keeps killing it for the life of the product. It won’t wash or wear off like other silver-based products do. The stench doesn’t stand a chance!  We have conducted a number of tests to determine  the efficacy of our fabrics. The antibacterial properties were evaluated using an AATCC Test Method 100-2004 Assessment of Antibacterial Finishes on Textile Materials. This testing of the silver coated fabric showed that it prevented the growth of odor causing bacteria and after 25 washes the odor bashing performance was unchanged, meaning it did not lose any odor bashing power.

-Conducted by The Manufacturing Solutions Center which is listed with the CPSC as an accredited third party testing laboratory.