Silver Edge Gear Product Reviews

“I love this product because it works. The Silver Edge Gear bag can be used in various ways. I put stinky clothes and shoes in the bag after my kids sports practices. You really can’t smell the stink. I also use the bag to prevent mildew from growing on wet items from the pool/beach. Thanks for inventing this wonderful product.”
—Jennifer, Winston-Salem, NC

“It looks like a bag but there’s magic inside.”
Sean O’Sullivan, Managing Director
—SOSVentures International, Ireland

“This is the best product I have ever tried.”
—Ben, Winston-Salem, NC

“I love it! And I have to tell you, I take that bag with me everywhere (gym, on all my trips, etc) and its great! Such a great idea.”
—Katie, Chicago, IL

“I was so surprised at my boys’ (age 10 and 12) interest in the gear. They actually use it and are very happy. So the boys are interested in keeping theirs cleats clean and no odor. I am totally impressed. Did not think they would work, but just try it!”
—Anne, Winston–Salem, NC

“The staff here at SOCCER SHOP has tested this bag over the past two months to ensure it really works……and it does!!!”
—Soccer Shop, Winston–Salem, NC

“Really breakthrough stuff you guys! We have a bag and a tee shirt and they work GREAT! Thumbs up!!!”
—Mary, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

“Congrats to Silver Edge Gear; we are BIG fans of your products and support your company 100%. We can’t stand ‘stinky’ stuff. We wish you continued sweet smelling success!”
—Linda, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Independent Third Party Testing

“We have conducted a number of tests to determine the efficacy of our fabrics. The anti-bacterial properties were evaluated using an AATCC Test Method 100-2004 Assessment of Antibacterial Finishes on Textile Materials. This testing of the silver coated fabric showed that it prevented the growth of odor-causing bacteria and after 25 washes the odor bashing performance was unchanged, meaning it did not lose any odor bashing power.

-Conducted by The Manufacturing Solutions Center which is listed with the CPSC as an accredited third party testing laboratory.”

“Best shin guards I’ve ever used!!”
—Ernesto, Greensboro, NC

“I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Finally a solution to my kids hating my “stinky” car. I play basketball in the morning and by the time I get back in the car that afternoon the stench will make your eyes water. I have been using your product for three weeks now and no odor. The bag has enough room for all my sweaty clothes plus my hightops. Thank you!”

—Scott, Winston-Salem, NC

“My 10 year old son uses the shin guard pads and my wife now lets him come in the house, before making him strip off his gear in the garage. THEY WORK GREAT!!, now I would like to use these pads as wall-paper for his room… Sport-maniac pre-teen odor is hard to contain! We will try the bag next! Thank you!”

—Alfredo, Katy, TX

“The Silver Edge bags are wonderful for anyone that works out and has to change clothes. The clothes are in the bag and not smelling up the car…a good idea for volleyball tournaments, triathlons,,,,or any sport. It is a great product, it really works.”

—Marya, Greensboro, NC 

“I can attest that the shirts that are made by Silver Edge Gear are the most comfortable shirts that I have ever owned. Moreover, they never smell.”

—Ben, Winston-Salem, NC

I purchased these shin guard pads for my daughter at a soccer tournament. Her shin guards got really stinky and gross after wearing for practice or a game, and I thought it was worth the $10 to see if the Silver Edge pads would help even a little bit. Well, it is amazing! I traced around her guards and cut out and applied the pads to the insides. The next time she wore them for a game, they didn’t smell at all- not after taking off, and not after sitting in her gear bag for a few days.

We have had the Silver Edge pads on her shin guards now for over 6 months, and the stink-killing properties are still going strong. No smelly guards, ever, even after summer conditioning where she got very sweaty then left her gear in a damp bag for a week.

I highly recommend the Silver Edge gear- she will be getting a bag for Christmas for her cleats.

 —J. Wilson, Charlotte, NC

I purchased 2 of these bags for my daughters and used them today after their soccer games. After the game, they put their shin guards, cleats and socks in the bag, zipped it up, and we had a stink-free 2 hr ride home. I highly recommend!

—Kimio, NC

My daughter has played soccer for 10 years, and we have been dealing with stinky cleats, shinguards, and other gear since she started. There is no way to describe the funky smell that used to emanate from her gear bag- awful! And even worse was when she left her damp, sweaty cleats in the back of the car and the smell baked in.

We were desperate to come up with a solution for the “skunk smell”. We saw the Silver Edge Gear booth at a tournament, and bought their shinguard pads. The results were nothing short of amazing- absolutely NO stinkiness, and the pads are still going strong over a year later. We asked Grandma and Granddad to get the Gear Bag for our soccer star at Christmas, since we were ready to have her cleats stink-free.

We have had the bag for 5 months, and my daughter’s cleats can now come in the house! No more stinky skunky smell! The bag is big enough for her size 9 1/2 cleats as well as shinguards and socks. We have even washed the bag a few times and have noticed no difference in the stink-killing properties. I highly recommend the Silver Edge bag and shinguard pads for all soccer moms and dads who are tired of smelly gear.

 —J. Wilson, Charlotte, NC

My husband uses this for his dirty gym clothes, and it really works well to eliminate the stink. Would definitely recommend this item!

 —M. White


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