The Scientific And Practical Facts About Our Antimicrobial Bags

The Scientific And Practical Facts About Our Antimicrobial Bags

So, you’re a mom carpooling your young athletes and their friends to and from practices and games. You aren’t a scientist or a medical researcher and don’t usually throw around words like “microorganisms.” But, you do habitually think about terms such as “stinky” and “sweaty” and you are intimately acquainted with the obnoxious levels of smell that can radiate from your kids’ athletic gear. For this reason, we at Silver Edge Gear think you need to know about our antimicrobial bags. You can thank us later!

The Scientific

Put simply for us non-scientists, the term “antimicrobial” refers to anything that kills or slows the growth of microorganisms and they are usually categorized by the microorganisms that they attack. Antifungals act against fungi, antivirals act against virus, and antibacterials act against bacteria, for example. Also, they are classified according to whether they slow the growth of a substance – microbiostatic – or they kill totally – microbicidal. Antimicrobials can be disinfectants, such as bleach, which kill microbes on non-living surfaces, or antiseptics, which are used on living tissue to prevent infection, or antibiotics, which destroy microorganisms inside our bodies.

The reason this science is important to you and your family is this: sweat-drenched athletic gear – from helmet liners to shin guard pads to glove liners to athletic shoes – is a breeding ground for bacteria. And, we really don’t like bacteria because (1) they cause disease and encourage infection, and (2) they are the source of that awful odor that permeates active wear and sports gear. That’s the microorganism that we want to kill.

At Silver Edge Gear, we’ve isolated the secret to doing exactly that! Our patent-pending Advanced PE47 Technology treatment of all our items stops odor-causing bacteria. Period. We know that silver prevents bacteria growth, and our process uses more silver in a more effective application than any other brand. Our method permanently infuses 100% of our fabrics’ fibers with pure silver that won’t wash or wear off and will prevent bacteria, and its odor, for the life of the product.

The Practical


We are not kidding when we say that our line of antimicrobial bags will change your life!

A Silver Edge Gear antimicrobial bag will have our silver-laced fabric as an inner liner to contain odor and a laminated film covering to make it strong and waterproof. This makes it a perfect choice for smelly socks and shoes, sweat-saturated hats and sweatbands, helmet and glove liners and any other damp, stinky equipment. Not only will it contain odors so you can breathe easily in your car or child’s room or laundry, it will also protect other items from being contaminated. And, it’s easy to imagine many other uses, too, such as inside of diaper bags, travel suitcases, and pet transports.

Do you want to know the best part? Your antimicrobial bag will completely imprison the stink and isolate it until you remove articles to be cleaned, after which the container will be smell-free and ready for its next use! How much more worry-free can you get? Our products are the perfect example of science in action!