The Solution To Smelly Gym Bags For College Athletes

The Solution To Smelly Gym Bags For College Athletes

Stink free gym bags for college athletes and athletic centersCollege athletes play hard, and nobody likes having to pull sweaty clothes out of a smelly gym bag when they get home.

Sweat smells because of the bacteria floating within it, which is why staying clean prevents odor. This is hard to do much about during a game, of course, and a normal gym bag is destined to absorb all the bacteria of the sweaty clothes thrown in it afterward.

Silver Edge Gear has created the solution to this problem with fabrics that don’t smell even when soaking wet. How does that work? The answer lies in a patent-pending technology.

This technology involves coating the fibers with pure silver — a metal that has been used for a long time as an antimicrobial agent. Even the ancient Egyptians used silver containers to keep water fresh. Modern science has confirmed that silver prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Heard of other silver-lined bags and shirts before? Not like this. Other silver apparel only has a surface finishing, which will eventually rub off with use or repeated washing. Silver Edge Gear’s process fully imbues silver into the fabric and will never rub or wash off, which means a long lasting solution for you.

Relief For College Athletes and Athletic Centers

You can throw your sweaty clothes and towel into your Silver Edge bag and rest assured it won’t stink when you open it, even if you let it sit that way for a few hours after getting home. The bag itself is machine washable if it gets soiled or dirty, and independent tests have confirmed that after repeated washing no bacteria-bashing effectiveness is lost.

Odor stopping power for college athletes and athletic centersThis is a great option for college athletic centers where sports are prevalent, sometimes at all hours of the day. Imagine if every locker had a bacteria-bashing bag in it; although it wouldn’t eliminate that locker room smell altogether it would definitely make it less fragrant.