J. Wilson, Charlotte, NC

My daughter has played soccer for 10 years, and we have been dealing with stinky cleats, shinguards, and other gear since she started. There is no way to describe the funky smell that used to emanate from her gear bag- awful! And even worse was when she left her damp, sweaty cleats in the back of the car and the smell baked in.

We were desperate to come up with a solution for the “skunk smell”. We saw the Silver Edge Gear booth at a tournament, and bought their shinguard pads. The results were nothing short of amazing- absolutely NO stinkiness, and the pads are still going strong over a year later. We asked Grandma and Granddad to get the Gear Bag for our soccer star at Christmas, since we were ready to have her cleats stink-free.

We have had the bag for 5 months, and my daughter’s cleats can now come in the house! No more stinky skunky smell! The bag is big enough for her size 9 1/2 cleats as well as shinguards and socks. We have even washed the bag a few times and have noticed no difference in the stink-killing properties. I highly recommend the Silver Edge bag and shinguard pads for all soccer moms and dads who are tired of smelly gear.

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